Connect with BRAC

BRAC’s talent development program exists to help area businesses with tough recruiting situations, particularly involving out-of-area hires. From candidate identification, to recruiting, and even through the assimilation process, BRAC is available to assist with selling candidates on the Capital Region.

Candidate Tours

Have a highly-qualified candidate who you have to sell on the position, your company, and on moving to the Capital Region?  Let BRAC take some of the stress off of you with fully-customized candidate tours.  These tours give candidates the opportunity to see parts of the region and amenities most likely to fit their lifestyle without the stress of doing their own research.  It also gives them a chance to ask questions to someone other than their potential new employer. Candidates and HR professionals alike rave about the personalized service, which has resulted in a 94 percent success rate of candidates accepting positions.  This is a fee-based service with a discount for BRAC investors. 

Newcomer Packets

Newcomer packets including newcomer guides, maps of the area, and other relevant local publications, give interviewing candidates or newcomers a well-rounded first look into the Baton Rouge Area.  These informative, engaging packets can be mailed nationwide to candidates considering a move, or a box of packets can be delivered to area offices to have on-hand for heavy recruiting periods.  Standard packets are available free of charge to any Capital Region business.  Customized packets are available at the cost of added materials.

Regional Presentations

Have a large group of new employees new to the Baton Rouge Area?  Let BRAC bring regional expertise to the table to get out-of-state hires excited about their new home.  Presentations can be worked into orientation sessions, or fit into lunch or break time availability.

Database Searches

Having trouble finding that perfect candidate?  BRAC, in partnership with Louisiana Job Connection, has access to a talent database with more than forty thousand candidates seeking jobs in the Capital Region.  Email BRAC’s director of talent development to learn more about this service.

Please reach out to the director of talent development with any questions or to take advantage of these services.