About BRAC

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) is a non-profit, investor-driven organization with over 1,400 member businesses, civic organizations, education institutions, and individuals. Its mission is to lead economic development in the nine-parish Baton Rouge metropolitan area. BRAC is providing visionary leadership and taking decisive actions to propel our community to a more prosperous economic future.

Businesses or individuals interested in investing in BRAC and becoming a part of the economic boom in the Capital Region are encouraged to reach out to BRAC’s Investor Relations team.

LIVEcapitalized and BRAC’s Talent Program

The rapidly-growing Baton Rouge Area is Louisiana’s new economic engine. The recruitment of talent to the region, and the retention of the top notch talent that is here, is a key focus of BRAC.  The talent development program was created as a resource for area businesses and organizations facing tough challenges with recruiting, assimilation, and retention.  For more information on how BRAC’s talent program can help your business with these issues, please visit the For Businesses page.

In an effort to expand the reach of the talent program, the LIVEcapitalized website was launched in October 2014.  The goal of this site is to be both a resource and a hub of other resources often requested by new residents or locals needing to branch out.  We encourage you to explore the site to learn more about the amenities available in the various communities in the Baton Rouge Area, the abundance of quality jobs, and the multitude of ways to enjoy the region in your downtime.

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The Capital Region

If you’re new to the Capital Region, you might have questions about this part of the world.  A few we come across fairly regularly include:

What are these “parishes” I keep hearing about?

Can I get a job in this area?

What is there to do here?

Why do people keep mentioning red sticks?



In very simple terms, parishes are what we call counties in Louisiana.  They are the smaller, regional government structure of the state. The Capital Region of Louisiana is comprised of the nine parishes surrounding the state capital city of Baton Rouge.  Within these nine parishes, the metro area boasts around 800,000 residents.


For more detailed information on each parish, please visit the Community page or reference the 2015 Newcomers Guide published by the Baton Rouge Business Report.


With the varied resources of our diverse region, residents of any tenure can find opportunities for career advancement in the Capital Region.  Long known for the prevalence of the petrochemical industry, the Capital Region economy is now fueled by a broad range of industries.  Petrochemical and support sectors such as industrial construction are still major players; however, health care, digital media, and education also represent burgeoning industries.

Baton Rouge Area Employment Snapshot:

  • August 2014 saw the highest employment number in the history of the region, reaching 396,600
  • Ninth in the U.S. for the formation of new business establishments from 2008-2013, led by growth among small businesses
  • Projected growth rate of 2.3 percent for 2014 and 2.0 percent for 2015

For a more detailed look at available jobs in the Capital Region, and information on how BRAC can help connect you with area job opportunities, visit the Career page.


The Capital Region offers an abundance of after-hours events and plenty of opportunities for involvement in the community.  The mild climate of South Louisiana makes outdoor activities a favorite of residents of all ages.  Adventure-seekers will love the abundance of water sports in the region, while those looking to get out in a more relaxed setting will love the area’s beautiful parks and walking trails.  Visit the Parks page for more detailed information about these options.

Festivals, parades, and special events are a way of life in Louisiana, which boasts more than four hundred festivals annually!  Some local favorites include:

  • The Wearin’ of the Green annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Garden District of Baton Rouge every March
  • Kite Fest Louisiane in Port Allen every Spring
  • Louisiana Hot Air Balloon Championship and Festival in Gonzales every Fall
  • Live After Five free concerts every Friday evening in the Spring and Fall in downtown Baton Rouge

Visit the Events page to search for events and community groups just right for you.

Red Stick

Baton Rouge was first settled by French-Canadian explorers led by Iberville in 1699.  On a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, at a spot that is now home to Southern University, the explorers noticed a blood-stained tree trunk and christened the location “le baton rouge” which means “red stick” in French.  The tree trunk was a marker designating the separation of hunting grounds of the Bayougoula and Houmas Indian tribes.

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